Reflections on Bible verses

An Invitation for You

My heart has heard you say,
“Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds,
“Lord, I am coming.”

Psalm 27:8 (TLB)

In the middle of a wild, get-it-done world let’s pause for a moment and listen
to the beckoning deep within our hearts.
“Come and talk with me,” says the God who created the universe.

It’s what someone who loves us would lean and whisper.
What an encourager who wants the best for us would offer.
What a dear friend would say to us when we’ve been missed.

Whatever you’re doing right now as you read this, take a deep breath and
for a moment just talk to the One who created you and cherishes you.
Tell Him what’s on your mind and tune into the still, small voice that so easily
gets lost in our loud world.

Only He knows the words our hearts need most as we begin a new week.
Yes, Lord, we accept your invitation…

Holley Gerth

You Are Called!

Ring, ring.
There’s a call for your heart.

It’s been there since the day you were born.
And it will be there until the day you go Home.

Pick it up, listen closely, and you’ll hear
the voice of Your Father whispering what’s true...

“You are mine.
I made you.
Chose you.
Called you.

That call isn’t about a vocation.
It’s about making a difference wherever you are.
It’s about being who I created you to be.
No one else can take your place.
No one else can answer this call.
I’m so glad you did.

I’ll be right here telling you all you need to know
every day, every step of the way.

I love to hear your voice...
and I love when you listen to Mine.”

Holley Gerth

I called you....I have chosen you and not rejected you.
(Isaiah 41:9)


I have chosen you and have not turned away from you.
Do not fear, for I am with you.
Do not be afraid, for I am your God.
I will give you strength, and for sure I will help you.
(Isaiah 41:9-10 NLV)

Hope for Whatever We Face Today

God is with you!

There will never be a situation, conversation or circumstance when God is not with us
and working on our behalf. We will never walk into a room where He isn’t already there.
We will never receive news that He hasn’t already heard.
We will never face a challenge He hasn’t already overcome.

Nothing surprises God because He knows the past, present and future.
He can’t be derailed, disappointed or deterred. He doesn’t become discouraged.
He doesn’t grow weary. He doesn’t give up, give in or let go.

God has endless capacity so He is the only one who can truly handle everything.
Nothing is too big for Him. And nothing is too small. He can do it all.
We can’t be “too much” for Him and we can’t be “not enough.”
Every limitation that causes us hesitation will not slow Him down.

He has promised to be our help.
He has promised to be our hope.
He has promised to get us through whatever happens.
He has a plan for us and it’s good.
We can trust Him to complete His purposes for our lives because He loves us.

God is on our side. And He is by our side.
With Him, we have everything we need for this day, tomorrow and forever.

Holley Gerth

What the Cross Really Says to Our Hearts…

Our hearts ask the hard questions.

Am I loved?
Am I wanted?
Am I worthwhile?

And the cross answers back…

You are loved, really.
{Psalm 103:11}

You’re valuable, truly.
{Matthew 10:31}

You’re chosen, always.
{1 Peter 2:9}

It’s the final answer on who we really are…

The exclamation mark at the end of God’s declaration of love for us.

And so we celebrate!

Holley Gerth